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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new around here, and I thought it would be proper to introduce myself - I'm a long-time mapper who stepped away from creating for quite some years, and I'm just coming back to it. I suppose I'm dating myself by saying that no mapping software really existed when I started, and further dating myself when I say I've tried a few different programs and find myself preferring the pencil and graph paper to the mouse. I'm not averse to computers, not even slightly (they're a passion I've held for the same period, and I make my living being the alpha geek) so I'm hoping I can get some useful advice, learn, and improve my craft in the medium I prefer.

    I recently joined a D&D game after a long time setting role-playing aside, and this rekindled my love of cartography. I used to create maps just for the sake of creating them, and it seems I am among kindred spirits here. I see a lot of spectacular work here and I'm looking forward to checking out other peoples' creations and hopefully drawing good ideas for my own use. Ultimately, I'm hoping that I can contribute back when I don't feel my work is rusty and lacking finesse.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome, theres a good split between people who use digital mapping apps, just digital pen tablets and drawing software and then those who use old fashioned sharp sticks. All maps are good here theres no preference.

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Thanks, everyone! I sat down this evening to take the "practice makes perfect" mantra to heart, and I predict many more evenings before I can make presentable terrain.

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    Ahhh, yessss. Terrain..........

    The very thing that brought me here. If you look around you will find many brushes for hand drawn terrain, as well as comp generated terrain, that can be used as inspiration for the good old PnP terrain

    Glad to see another Hand drawer brought in by the goodness that is the GUILD!
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