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    Map March Challenge Entry: Iwaizumi

    Whats this a terrain challenge - at least in part, count me in !

    This looks like a great challenge for a number of reasons. Firstly its got prizes, secondly its a commission piece so has stricter scope than just a pretty map (which is not my forte anyway...), and its a terrain, a regional map, a town map and a battle map all in one. Also, for most of us at least, an unusual setting. My only worry is that I will not have enough time to make as much of it as it deserves - still hardest part of any journey is the first step...

    I didn't immediately realize that this was a real place so this is a historical / FRPG piece then and so I think that the mountains would be a constant. I went off and got some height map data which I found was a lot harder than I thought it ought to be. Its not a huge area so I got some SRTM 3 arc second data which is public domain from NASA. I had to modify my DEM converter to read it properly and then got it into my GTS and hacked down the extents to the area shown which is the area around the town. There are some holes in the data where the shuttle must have failed to get a reading for whatever reason so ill have to manually patch that up. Its not terribly high res and there is better data out there but I don't have the google fu or at least the will to get it. This will be fine for me as a starting point. In any case GTS was built to improve height map data so we will see if anything better can be made from it.

    I also was scouting for images and there's loads out there for the caves but only a handful for the town and most of that is modern so I think there's gonna be a lot of guesswork from me for what the regional landscape looks like, never having visited Japan.

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