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    Help Fantasy Novel: Map concept request

    So first off this is my first post on this forum. I discovered the forum from a member of deviantart and wanted to see if I could get some tips and ideas.

    I can't create maps worth crap, but I have need for a good, detailed map for a novel I'm working on. Having the map in front of me will give me a big push in refining the story. I have a few ideas for it already which I request to be included, but other ideas you would want to include is fine and could help me get more ideas for the storyline. Here are my requirements.

    1) Just one mainland, Pangaea-style. Islands are fine if you wish, but the mainland will be the main focus. The mainland is called Adalan Eu.
    2) 5 main rivers. They start at different points along the top edge of Adalan Eu but all empty into the same bay-style outlet at the bottom center of the mainland. Here are their requirements. (a) Alveus Ie: this is the central river, nothing else special. (b) Vena Ie: this is the smallest river, in length and width. (c) Aciali Ie: this river has the most northern origins (starts farther north than the other rivers). (d) Maris Ie: this river and the next have the most specific instructions. Maris Ie runs along a large desert to its east. On the western side of the river is a high cliffside which comes to a point/peninsula midway along the desert. It is a fast and strong river. (e) Adamo Ie: this river has a widening point where an island once was, which held a great city called Ea Alea. This island had a volcano which erupted and collapsed in on itself, bringing the whole island down into the river. Now there is a large, dark, evil pit in the widened area of the river. I picture the widened point at the origin of the river, but it doesn't really matter where it is to me.
    3) There is a large desert known as Chivan Oa which sits to the east of Maris Ie. It was the sight of a huge battle and takes up a large section of the eastern portion of Adalan Eu.
    4) A great mountain range called Shirak Ue covers all of the midwest of Adalan Eu. A huge city known as Ea Mornen once was set on the south-eastern point of the mountains, molded from the mountain side itself. The city is now encrusted in emerald and is known as Arȁnk. The city looks out onto a cresent-shaped valley created by Shirak Ue wrapping around the valley, with trees running down the mountain sides and along the full edge of the valley. The city is aimed directly at the opening in the valley.
    5) A river runs underneath Shirak Ue and runs underneath the ground all the way to the southern outlet of the rivers. Although only one character knows of its existence and it would not typically be on a map in this world, I would like it to be hinted somehow for my own uses.
    6) The river outlet at the bottom of Adalan Eu is called Ceromes Ei. It must be noted that the river channels of Adalan Eu are the paths of the souls of the dead. The bodies of the dead are sent down the rivers and the souls rise from the rivers to whatever heavenly body may exist. (there is no religion in Adalan Eu, only an understanding that the soul must leave the body after death to be content in death) If a soul reaches Ceromes Ei and decides it does not want to leave Adalan Eu, it sinks in despair to the bottom of Ceromes Ei. The bottom of Ceromes Ei is a pit of poisons of the lementing souls of the dead.
    7) The edges of the western shores and southern shores of Adalan Eu are covered in cliffs, many with caverns which are used for hiding and cult worship. (religions develop and are shunned away from society into the cliffs)
    Finally, the peoples of Adalan Eu consist of many different creature types, including wolves, lions, horses, birds of all kinds, lizards, etc. I would like an extremely diverse landscape, from African-style plains to frozen tundras. Please keep in mind that the wolves lived Ea Alea on the island along Adamo Ie, as well as live in Ea Mornen at the edge of Shirak Ue.

    I know this is a lot of information and seems picky, but these details are already incorporated into my story deeply and cannot be changed. Aside from these points, the scale can be however you think is right. I'm thinking Adalan Eu is about the size of Russia. Since I'm not very map savvy, the map can be however large you want to make it, although I would like a more antique-looking style. (think Lord of the Rings) This map by questionstar is along the lines of style and size I'm looking for. I'll have a pitiful sketch I did up soon, I just need to get it scanned.

    I CANNOT PAY YOU DIRECTLY!!!!! My post is labeled "Paid?" because I will some day get this story published, and if so I want to have a copy of the map in the book(s). (I don't know how long this is going to get, but it's looking to be a series now.) If and when I get published and I use the ideas you apply into your map design I will give you full credit and partial profit from the book. (these details in pay will obviously be discussed and put into contract if ans when the book goes to final publication) I'm not going to use your work without your consent and I WILL make sure you get paid if this map is used. For now, though, it's just for fun and reference. If I get multiple maps I will let all the people who submit them know which I choose for the story.
    If you would like to tackle this world of mine, drop me a message and let me know. Aside from these points mentioned above, you can do what you like. Like I said earlier, your own ideas may help spur some ideas for the story. Keep in mind there are towns and settlements by humans in this world, so if you want to locate and even name them, be my guest. The only thing about naming is that all towns and cities in this world hold the prefix "Ea" (if you didn't notice from Ea Mornen). Let me know your ideas and comments and if you'd like to take this on. Thanks a lot for taking a look!
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