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    Default Fractal Terrains Pro .... beta (?)

    I recently read, in the forums, a post about the rivers-gone-wild issue with FT Pro.

    One respondent mentioned a beta version that fixes the problem and suggests contacting tech support to get a copy.

    A message to tech support last week resulted in no reply, and my message today resulted in them forwarding two copies of their email reply from a totally unrelated question I sent them early last year. (grr.)

    Are any of you familiar/able to comment on such a beta version? Does it exist? Does it fix the rivers problem? Does it fix any other of the crashing issues? Save issues? etc? And what is the best way to actually contact tech support since their email form is having probs and/or their are with replying to messages?

    Merci buckets!

    p.s., here's the link to the thread with a nice image showing the rivers problem
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