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    Default Legacy of Loki world map

    "Legacy of Loki" is the name I'm currently using for my fantasy world (gaming world, and potentially a fantasy book, if I can get my act together).

    The general idea with the world is it was once a land on which the gods walked amongst the men. However, an apocalyptic war broke out between the all-father and creator Ahn, and his children led by his eldest son Resha.

    After a giant battle, with millions of soldiers lost on each side, Resha manages to slay Ahn through a combination of trickery and a secret weapon. The slain god's mortal form shatters, unleashing a catastrophic explosion of energy.

    This event is called the sundering, and is kinda necessary break the existing societies, and plunge them into a cultural and technological dark age. My big problem though, is how exactly this would affect the land.

    Attached is a rough draft i quickly hammered out in photoshop, showing the rough landscape, along with mountains (grey), rivers (light blue), grasslands (yellow-green), desert (pale yellow), forest (darker green), and marshes (a reddish kinda colour that was meant to be brown). I'm colourblind, so those are at best approximations for what may actually show up on your screen . There are also a few cities as black dots.

    Note that some areas I haven't thought about much yet, and so they aren't particularily developed in terms of their geography.

    What I really need help from you all on is this: were such an explosion to occur how would it affect the landscape?

    Right now I have the Sundering creating essentially a giant circular crater, probably about the size of France. Is this really what would happen though? Also, were the explosion to occur near water, what kind of effect would a tidal wave of those proportions have? If it were to, say, sweep across some grasslands to meet the ocean on the other side, would it scour away the earth and leave a channel? Or would it just wash away everything in its path and leave a big soggy patch of mud?
    Note, my current plan was to have the area under that circle as being the cultural center for the first empire of man, which was all but obliterated by the sundering.

    Also, I have almost no idea how any geographic features form, so I'd huuuugely appreciate any comments / criticisms / suggestions about how change things around so that they're more realistic.

    Thanks for reading!
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