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    Wip Pirate Sea

    This is what I have finally managed to do with the map that brought me to this Fine Establishment oh so many moons ago. This started as a PnP map of the land mas and some very poorly placed rivers. I was looking for ideas on how to continue using the pen, or at least the appearance of one, to put some terrain on it. Along the way I have picked up quite a few pointers and brushes. Some of which I plan on putting on this map.

    Below you will find where I am at atm:
    A gray scale map aprox. 6000x4400 (scaled to 5000x3300) with the a few rivers done using RobA's Fractalize Path script and his mini tut on Woodcut shores that can be found here. I plan on using Wag's brushes for the Mountains, hills and forests, but they will come in later. The scale of this map is 200px = 80 miles.

    Things I would like to do for this is add the terrain features, rivers, roads, cities and also label it all. But right now I am curious about the woodcut. I know that at some places it makes the land look like it is floating, and I wonder if there really is a problem with this. I created it by selecting the land, expanded the selection by 25, filled selection with black then blurred it by 150. The rest is the Mini Tut mentioned above.

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