till monday morn the Drivethru Rpg store is selling FM8 on sale (It is GM day).

It is a great buy so i prob will get it but can someone answer some Question about it.

This seems to be a lot like Autorealm (but more developed) which is the only progarm i have used, is it?

dose it scale well
can it overlay a hex map
can u stamp the hexs with an object?

can thease hex be print out to a 1" hex map scale on paper (this is the hard part

can you over lay squares
I hope to imort pictures for dat and generate maps for the wargame table such as improt a satilitte pic of Marango and then us that to scale out a map, could this program handle this/

$26 dollars is fair price and seem to have adhearents here.

But thought I will ask the pros first.

Lord Ghee