My first digital map ... not counting the lite challenge this weekend

So, thanks to an inspiring tutorial by Pasis I am working on converting my skecth of "The Mountain Realms" to a real and colorful map. Its the setting for a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign and the characters a currently residing the the City of Breakwater which is the only seaport on the map. There are 4 countries in the setting, one in each "corner" of the map. The biggest taking up almost half the map (political borders comming later on). Right now Im trying to figure out how big this map is so I can set a scale. I'm sort of working out from the desert which is a country in it self, and thus need a size to qualify for that (yep, I know not all countries are big - I'm from Denmark my self *lol*) ... I'm thinking 14 days travel from the coast to the mountain in the middle would perhaps be a nice size - but not really sure... feel free to offer advice on this ... and of course please comment on the map too

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