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    Default Why I don't post anymore

    Sorry about being so quiet lately.

    You know, usually, you probably wouldn't even bother to write a note to an Internet forum if something bad happens, but in this case it's different.
    You guys made me feel so welcome here that I kind of feel obliged to tell you what's wrong. So here we go.

    Last year my mother died. It was terrible, but it was no surprise. She had cancer.
    Actually, she put up a really good fight, and kept going much longer than any of us had even hoped.
    She was a strong human and a fighter, she had always been.

    When she was gone, I felt kind of empty. I tried to flee into all kinds of distractions. I'm not saying mapmaking is a distraction for me, it is and always will be a passion. Let's just say I had one more reason to do it.

    What else did I do? Well, first of all, I took care of my father. He never was of the helpless kind, but when my mother died, his world collapsed.

    We washed his clothes, we baked cakes, you know, all those little silly things you can do even though you know it's not enough.

    My father died a short while ago.

    Just to let you all know why I'm not on that much anymore.

    Sorry, I don't want to drag anyone down. I just want to let you know what happened.
    I have a commission to finish here and I plan to do so.
    I just want to let you know why it takes so long.
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