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Thread: March Challenge Entry: Iwaizumi

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    Wip March Challenge Entry: Iwaizumi

    Well, I took a break from New Port to have a go at my first challenge.

    I have had a lot of ideas over the past few days picking the right idea is the hard part. I am going to mix a few styles together to get what will hopefully be a nice map. I will be mixing a little 2D sketch work with some ISO and a nice deep colour rich environment. Even with the snow I think it might work.

    Firstly I will build the location as though it were mid summer. Then I will "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let is snooowwww", or something like that. Any ways here is what I slapped together tonight to give an idea of where I am heading.

    The buildings will be scaled down a little more or the map wil be zoomed a little but that is a decision for another day.

    Any CC would be much appreciated.

    Also do we generally post challenge WIP at full res or is it normal to scaled it down a bit?

    Current Features:
    Gov's Fort House. I have chosen an odd representation for my palisade. I thought it a nice change from the typical circle. It still represents a circle just with a bit of a twist. Towers to come on the east and west walls.
    Road Structure
    Land Lay
    Water fall/rapids (to the north)
    Elevation - (the balck is actually in the mid plane. My other layers have messed the elevation around a little)
    Farm Land Layout

    ### Latest WIP ###
    Click image for larger version. 

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