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Thread: greetings fellow mapmakers

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    Default greetings fellow mapmakers


    Im Ray, 28y from belgium. ive been GM for years now :p as wel as an active player.

    I feel that handouts during roleplay is an essential "gimmick" to deepen the immersion, an dbecause of that ive foudn myself drawign maps/ dungeons / ancient texts whatever needed to hand over to my adventuring party.

    Recently ive turned my attention towards warhammer fantasy 3th edition. and an old almost forgotten campain that died before it was launched due to personal reason obstruckting my playing scedule.
    Anyway happily ive started to "fine-tume" this campain and ive reach the part where I wanna updat emy map, Recently ive seen beautifull fantays maps posted and after some research i stumbled onto this treasure forum ! JACKPOT ! I used to draw manga and i have a drawing tablet / Photoshop but never realy worked with PS tbh. other then providing me with a colorpallet is could pretty much draw in paint :p ive started my first steps onto mapmaking and soon ill post a first draft .

    Basicly its a warhammer village founded by military deserters, looking for a place free of persecution. Eventuely they follwo river upstream into the mountains and found a valley/Plateau where they resettled an ruined town

    Key elements :
    - has to look like an old pen-drawn map
    - has to have the "feel" of a village in a valley
    - Lots of mountain / forest as its basicly "wild" area

    downside is that im to much of a perfectionist and always doubt myself one of the reasons why i stoped drawing tbh. Anyway ill soon post a first try and see what the commentary is


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    First off....Welcome Aboard!

    I suggest you check out the various PhotoShop tutorials located in that forum, that should help you to get started. I'd also recommend looking through the finished map forums for some of the city maps. Many of us here link the WIP thread to the finished map, so you can go back and see how it developed.

    Happy Mapping!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    So i finaly finished my basic version , general layout + mountain ranges done ...

    semi happy with the outcome, probably to picky tbh but after starting anew 3 times i think i should keep this .

    next is filling out some forests , ... the river , if i finaly find how to do taperd rivers in PS and then the overall layout wil be done

    last step wil be creating brushes for sesific locations to show on map .. like monoliths , ... farms , fields

    Also big thanks to Rhamma for mountain / forst brushes .. seriusly awesomme
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    ok stage 2 finished , all forest mapping done

    But , tapperd rivers isnt giving me the look i want , handrawn rivers isnt giving me the look i want either ..

    any tips on how to create lake / rivers in this old "handdrawn" style ?

    gona start thsi post in regional mapping ... seeign as its a WIP and mabey ill get a little more input
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    where ive almost finished my first map ^^ , feel free to give comment / constructive criticism

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