Ok, so I was wondering about something. With Photoshop having a very nice brush-engine and all, this would be ideal to scatter buildings. Now my main problem is that if I use a brush with high spacing, I end up drawing countless copies of the same building.

Pretty good start, but not entirely what I want. It would be ridiculously awesome to be able to select more than one brush (building), and have photoshop automatically randomize them.

For example: I have a round brush, a triangle brush and a square brush. I select all three of them, and when I draw a line, photoshop acts as though I'm switching brushes while drawing. So I end up with a line consisting of randomly ordered triangles, squares and circles, or in our case, different kind of houses, mountains, trees or whatever. All this while acting as a single brush.

Now I realize this is something very few painters would use, but us cartographers would love this. I've been googling myself to near exhaustion, but I cannot find any way of doing it, and I do conclude that it isn't possible. But wouldn't it be possible for a Photoshop plugin to do this? And if so, do we have people technical enough to make it happen?

People with thoughts about how to do this here? Or people with the technical knowledge to make an awesome brush-randomizer?