I am trying to create a world map for my MUD*. I wanted to have a close to spherical shape to it, but was unsure of how to do it with regards to connectivity and such. Then I came across this in a thread about Wilbur:

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There is a projection that I learned from Dave Allen that is very roughly equal-area and has simple connectivity rules: start with a square map and declare the upper-right corner to be the north pole, the lower-left corner to be the south pole, and the diagonal from upper-left to lower-right to be the equator. Connectivity is then simple (when you go off the top you come back in on the right; going off the bottom you come back in on the left) and quick to compute with no connectivity map required. I need to implement this algorithm in the various flow computations in Wilbur one of these years so that folks can do whole-world erosion and river computation.
I am very interested in this projection. All attempts at searching for Dave Allen on Google and this site have led me nowhere in the last couple of months. I would greatly appreciate if any of the questions below are answered:

1) Who is this Dave Allen?
2) Where may I find more about him and his projection(implementations, copyrights, etc.)?
3) Is there an application that uses this projection? Where may I find it?

I thank you all for reading this and further thank you for all answers that may be provided.

* Text-based multi-user game, see Wikipedia for more.