Hey there, thought you guys might like these things I've been working on. Although they're finished, I'm really looking for critique; what could be done better, what should stay the same, what should be improved, that kind of thing.


This one's pretty much my first attempt, and has got some huge problems in its overall design. As it stands, the thing is pretty much impossible to extrapolate into a 3-view that looks halfway decent, and the design itself could probably use some work.


This one I'm a bit more proud of; it's smaller, tighter, and I think an overall better design. It's got a 3-view, so the entire thing makes sense in an internal standpoint; everything legitimately fits in there. However, I think that the layout still needs some work.

So suggestions and critiques, like I said, sould be great. I'll enbed the images when I'm back on my home computer, sometime next week. I apologize for the need to link instead of just posting below.