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Thread: Nicest ship plans I've ever seen

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    Link Nicest ship plans I've ever seen

    As the title says, these are the nicest ship plans I've ever seen.

    I've used quite a few of these for my various Sci Fi games and I suspect that with a bit of photoshop/gimp knowledge they could be chopped up and used to design your own starship plans. I used a sharp knife and clear tape to acheive similar results and then covered the plans in sticky back plastic so we could write on information with dry wipe marker pens.

    I found his plans in the Serentiy RPG and then discovered the site that sold them whilst hunting for Traveller ship deck plans.

    I hope this is helpful.


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    Oh its good to have another traveller player here. This section could certainly use some luvin.

    I've never seen the Future Armada stuff before - absolutely gorgeous.

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    That is a serious coincidence!!! We were playing our scifi game last night and the GM pointed us to that same URL for examples! First time I had seen it last night and now here it is again.

    Definitely some nice looking ships there.
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    a link to some star trek ship fleet charts

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