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Thread: Javartan Regional Map

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    Wip Javartan Regional Map

    In fits and starts the design of my Javarta campaign lumbers into motion once more... I've begun the process of transforming thumbnail sketches and mental mapping notes into a map of the campaign area. This is, of course, a project that is standing on Tear's able shoulders. His remarkable Saderan tutorial has taught me a lot about the inner workings of Photoshop—not to mention some fantastic mapmaking techniques!

    My goal was to capture the look and feel of southeast Asia, and create a setting consisting of numerous archipelagos and imposing interior highlands the PCs can romp around in (and get romped on in). I'm still laying in rivers; vegetation and polishing await (I may vary some of the coloring). In terms of real-world analog, this map runs from just above Taiwan down to the tip of the Cambodia/Thai peninsula (scale is 50 miles per hex).

    Critiques welcome...

    One thing I couldn't get to work as described in the tutorial (page 6) was the underwater terrain; maybe it's because I am working as high resolution? I could get the continental shelf effect, but only very close to shore and at a small scale.

    More soon!
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    Oh, that's nice. Really nice. Can't wait to see how this progresses!

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    looking really good - looking forward to seing more
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    Oh yeah, you really know your Tear, my friend. Very shard and crisp indeed. I'd love to see it once the plants and trees start to grow. What I could do without is the hexagonal grid, but hey, that's just because I'm not a big pen-and-paper guy (still a big RPG fan, though). Nice work, keep it up.

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    Very islandy and Greek-like, nice layout.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I expect to get back to the map this weekend.

    Daelin: I'm not sure I'll put the hexgrid on the final map. Right now it's an easy way of tracking scale.

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