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Thread: How do I add floor tiles to an image?

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    Question How do I add floor tiles to an image?

    I have created a floorplan for my space ship in inkscape. I would like to add 1 inch tiles of deck plating but I am unsure how to go about this. My first instinct is to tile a bunch of 1in decktile pngs in another app (like then import it into inkscape and do an intersection where the floorplan overlaps the big image. I don't have the raster foo to make my own one inch tiles, could you suggest a good place to look?

    Or if you have a better suggestion I would be all for it.

    Also I am looking for nice chairs, and other widgety bits like tables and crates and whatnot. Could you point me to some good resources for them?
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    Default has photo textures galore, free membership sign up allows you to download 15 MB of images free each day. They have photos of deck plating available. I use a vector app, but not Inkscape, but as you say doing an intersection of the floor plating image with the plan itself, is how I'd do that in Xara Xtreme.

    Another idea would be to force the grid by enabling snap to grid using 1 inch grid, then using multiple deck plate pieces sliced to exactly 1 square inch, I would place, copy, move, rotate and place with your multiple pieces to achieve the complete deck.

    Regarding the different furniture pieces you're looking for. Your deckplan looks rather "CAD" like in its simplicity. If kept in that format, I'd go find some CAD symbols of furniture saved in raster or vector format, whichever is easiest to import.

    Otherwise go to Dundjinni forums where there are hundreds of map symbols (mostly fantasy) ready to borrow and use in your maps.

    Me, I make everything myself and never rely on map objects, but to each their own.

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    Inkscape supports both vector and raster pattern fills.

    Just create you tile, make 1" square then select object to pattern. You can then use that as a fill for any shapes.

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    Do you want the tile pattern to adapt to the room and corridor design? If you want that you probably want a vector edge layout and a more omnidirectional pattern fill.


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    Yeah, the problem is the rounded corridors and cargo bays. I would need a way to warp the tile otherwise it just looks bad. do you know of any good way to bend images along a path?

    Also, it looks like the best bet for what I want is to create a layer of raster images colaged together to make up the floor, then export it and the floor to png, open up a raster app and use the floorplan as a mask to trim the colage, then re-import it to inkscape. Is there a way to trim raster images imported into inkscape using an object as a mask, thereby cutting out the intermediary export, trim, import?

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    Well I decided to not tile the floor, anything I tried just looked messy. So instead I manually drew in some grid lines that other than 2 places seem to work. I think it is just an issue of trying to mark 1in^2 areas in rounded structures. There is no really good way to do it.

    Anyway, thanks for all the advice I will be posting the finished product in the Scifi forum.

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