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Thread: Region map - Jason and the Golden Fleece

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    Map Region map - Jason and the Golden Fleece

    So, this was my first map-challenge in here, great fun

    The task was "Map a myth" and I've choosen the Greek legend/myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece as it is well know to a lot of people - partly because of Hollywood. The map depicts Kaukasus, which is the country in which the actually Golden Fleece was found. Aided by Medea (who had fallen in love with Jason due to the godess Heras involvement) Jason tills the fields with the firebreathing copper bulls of Ares (brutal bulls who are strong and can kill by breath or stomp, gore... you choose)... he sows dragons teeths which "sprouts" warriors. With cunning (by Medea) he makes the warriors fight one another instead of him. Having done this he goes with Medea to the tree to where the Golden Fleece is nailed, around it a dragon lies curled, but Medea soothes it with her magic thus making Jason able to get the Fleece. They hurry to Jasons ship and set sail...

    The map is made in Photoshop, everything is handdrawn, I've tried to put some greek elements in there to support the myth - the waves, bull and dragon is greek inspired. I never made custom brushes before - so that was a challenge, so was the drawings - I'm getting a tablet soon I think
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