Hi there!

I need some help. I want my PCs to go to (if they want...) an old wizards keep. Like the one in Terry Goodkind books "Sword of Truth". I´m a newbie GM so I´m having a bit of trouble making the map for the keep.... It´s supposed to be complicated, I want them to be able to get lost down there. There will bee no monsters, but traps. The keep have been empty for 1000 of years, so many traps will fail or will just give minor damage.
To me the keep is an school for young wizards, like a college maybe. With rooms to sleep in (is it called dorms?), lecture halls, dining room/s (Harry Potter-style?). I´m thinking different levels in the keep for different knowledge, the newbie wizards cant pass onto the next level until they have learn this and that and reached a certain level of expertise... Oh, and of course... there will be many libraries, small ones, big ones. And some hallways displaying different magic items, gifts from wealthy parents and even some weird stuff. (A nail in the wall with a sign next to it saying "Cloak of invisibility", but is there really something on the nail?? And stuffed monsters that will spoke the PCs.. hehe)

Soo... give me your best map, and I will show you mine. Lets take the weekend to think it out. =)