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Thread: Fast sketches needed

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    Map Fast sketches needed

    Hello everyone!

    We are currently looking someone to join our development team who is good at sketching maps of cities and outdoor areas by reading written descriptions provided by lore writers.

    To give you an idea of what we need, here is an example of the style we would be looking for:

    Pencil would be fine as we will eventually pass this onto our map designers who make use of software to convert the map in campaign cartographer. The key is being able to ensure all that which is mentioned in the lore appears on the map and liasing with the lore writers to ensure that any questions that need to be answered are.

    About our project

    This is a modification of the Torque MMO Kit. The game’s main aim is to become a roleplaying in-character only game playing down on the usual ooc and power gaming found in many mmorpgs these days.
    The existing engine itself will be modified to focus on socialisers and explorers and give heavy focus to the act of roleplaying.
    The project will be free and use a micro-transaction donation model for non-game affecting items used for roleplay.

    Target aim:
    The main aim is to provide a 3d in-character roleplaying only online game. It will be freeware and available initially as a download and making use of the proven 3dJam software to integrate the software into facebook.

    This project is not designed to make any money other than pay for hosting costs (0.30c per user running costs) that will be covered by a $1 optional donation for non-game affecting roleplay items (per month). Anyone applying should be aware of this and ideally it should fit those looking to add some additional work to their portfolio.

    Content modifications of the Torque MMO Kit C++/Python/Sql-lite
    Wikia used for lore/storyline and game design.
    Also some use of standard torque tools such as constructor for structures and the in game editor for terrain and milkshape3d for characters and objects.

    Team structure:
    HawkStorm: Producer
    Mixxit: Game Designer/Programmer
    Thorn: Writer
    Cuddles: Writer
    Kyle: Composer
    Nitronz: Composer
    Kamil: Concept Artist
    Lucilla: Concept Artist
    Lilnebo: Concept Artist
    GiordanoP: Concept Artist


    Please make your application our contact page at

    Previous Work by Team:
    Mixture of experience across the team.

    Kind Regards


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    Hi Ravells,

    We got your message but unfortunately not email address! You can find full details of the lore on the wiki page and would be working closely with the lore writer for the particular area you are mapping. At the moment one of the artists has had to take over this task but as it's not his area of interest or expertise! So any help would be appreciated!

    Could you please fill in the join page so we can get your contact details and then grab us in IRC (see the chat page on

    All the best


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