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    Map Gensokyo

    Did this a little while back, thought I'd post it. Getting the composition right was pretty difficult and colouring it even more so. Never done a map in this style before and I'd like to try it on something a little more serious. The border was also just me playing around as well. It was fun to make though.

    I actually tried making this map twice before at someone's suggestion, but previous attempts didn't turn out great. I am mostly pleased with this version though I'm sure I could do better next time. I might try my Duchy of Galbrin map in the same style but with softer outlines and more pastel tones or something!
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    Nice! Kind of has a bit of a Matt Groenig vibe to it.
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    I was thinking it reminded me of Springfield a lil bit.
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    Lovely map! I really like how the colours, images, font and composition contribute to the cutsey feel to it, gives it a ton of character.

    Can you tell us a little more about how you went about making it?

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    I agree. This is a lovely map. I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about it. Well done.

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    Thanks for all the compliments! This whole thing was a fun experiment.

    I did it all in photoshop, started with a white background then on another layer, I drew all the outlines with a 2/3px hard mechanical brush. Then I basically coloured it all in by hand, doing each bit on its own layer. Tried to stick with bold colours mainly, rather than the more desaturated palette I usually use. I tried a dawn/twilight palette at first, but it didn't work out.

    The skyline uses a gradiant as does the forest, which fades into a darker green. The forest also has an inner shadow to give it the illusion of depth (oh how I love layer styles). The sunbeam was just a solid yellow bit, blurred and then the layer turned to soft light.
    Oh, and the leaves were a brush I found ages ago from brusheezy or something. I was originally going to go with cherry blossom but I couldn't get it too look right. I wanted to try an interesting border though the mountains are supposed to sort of frame the whole thing anyway.

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    ... do you happen to know touhou.... lol

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