For my long term Abebe project, I'm considering switching to a hex grid and coordinate system to match their base 12 (6 being a nice factor of 12) counting system. If I could have a grid based on 12 (other than using 12x12 blocks of rectangles) I'd be open to it.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

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I've read a bit online about hex coordinate systems, but am not really happy with what I've read. None of the systems seem, well, very elegant.

Have any of you got suggestions? Right now I'm thinking of simple. The larger grid would be measured using (x,y) where x is the column, y is the number of hexes upward (1/2 hex at base counts as #1). I'm not sure about the smaller hexes within the red hexes. I'd like that figure out a variation of 6's for those as well, but this was the only size I had success matching up exactly. As for these more specific coordinates - any ideas? Especially how to display, identify the function of the system.

One of my visual goals, here, was to have the hexes obvious when needed, but not distracted with respect to the most important content of the map - the land and ocean spaces. I'm feeling pleased with it right now - but am definitely open to suggestions for improvements or further directions to experiment in. (And no, I've not placed climate regions yet, I'm still experimenting there).

Thanks for any feedback and suggestions. I've learned a lot from all of you since I joined. Thanks again!