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    Help [Paid] High Quality CC3 Map for Board Game


    I am currently working on a high quality prototype of a new Board Game and one of the components is a very high quality Map for the Board. I am seeking a pro to create this Map using Campaign Cartographer 3

    Map Content: The Map is based on the 'real world', yet it as been adapted to the game (meaning the size and position of territories have been optimized for play, not for realism). The Map contains these area: Water/Sea, Islands, Mountains, deserts, plains and forest. A few rivers/lakes could be added for realism. The Map does NOT require any man-made structures. The "border lines" are a very important visual aspect of the Map. Also of importance, is the named description of each area, which must be 'clear' and also oriented toward the closest side of the table (the Territory Names closest to the player are oriented toward him, while the furthest names would be upside down)

    Board Size: The current prototype Board is 4 seperate boards of 10"x 15" (for a total size of 20"x30"). This is a bit too large, and I would like the CC3 map to be 4 seperate boards of about 8"x10" (for a total size of 16"x20"). The CC3 Map can be created as a single entity of 16"x20" to make it easier (I assume CC3 can be told to print only part of the map if needs be). During play, players will place counters on the Map (inside the delimited territories).

    Payment: Although I wish I could spend a ton of $ for this, my reality is not as bountiful. Please consider this in your quote. Obviously, your Name & Website can be added as the creator of the Map, which would be publicity for your work. Once published, I can also send you a free copy of the game. If you have other propositions for payment, I'm all ears. I would like to use PayPal for easy transfers.

    If you have further questions, or are interested in looking into this project, please contact me at:
    I will send you an high resolution image of the prototype Map, and also the 'real world' equivalent map (picked up from Google Earth)

    If possible, tell me a bit about your experience with Map making, and if possible, send me some of your work (either a website or images).

    Thank you!

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