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    Wip Continent of Narridia

    Starting a new map, from scratch. I wanted to create a broad world view, and build top down, but ended up really with just one continent.

    I knew when I started out that I needed some kind of world-changing Cataclysm, as every proper world story has one. (Earth's would be "the Flood")
    In this one, a giiiiiigantic meteor hit, and splintered the lands into pieces. This continent shows this in part. Right now, its just a black blob on a white sea.

    However, I'm having issues tackling size, I think. My initial idea was to have a scale similar to "Europe", that is, containing Europe and the western part of Russia. (Like in the map here: ), but I think I was going too large. For example, I envisioned the Horsehead Penninsula to be about the size of Scandinavia. Or, the area of the ring about equal to the size of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Like I said, I'm having issues tackling the right scale.

    Comments, criticisms, ideas, hints, all are welcome. Thanks.

    Edit: Whoops, forgot to attach. Silly me.
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