Hello all you seasoned cartographers!

I'm looking for VTT-friendly (MapTool specifically) versions of the maps for the Wizards modules E1-E3. As you might know as a DDi subscriber I am able to download the maps that Wizards kindly provide. However these are full of DM only info like monster starting locations and secret doors. These are great reference resources but no good for use in a VTT.

Has anyone out there either hacked the wizards maps to remove the DM-only stuff, or redrawn the maps themselves? If you have, would you be willing to share?

I'm a DDi subscriber so have access to the maps online and own all three modules in paperback as well and this is all for personal use, so I'm sure it's 100% legal.

Thanks for your time,

Link to the MapTools thread discussing what I want them for.