Hey there!

Gonna try to keep this short, was on my way to bed. (almost three in the morning here)
I've just started reading the Wheel of Time books, after years of my friend trying to convince me, and anyhow I decided that I absolutely need a map to look at.
I tend to do that, becuse, without going too deep, maps are to me a combined manifestation of intellicence and beaty.
I guess I've always had that artsy streek to me, but its always been bent to the more informational and practical kind - things like fonts, layouts, character presentation and maps.

Anyhow, I stumbled in here and my entire awereness told me that this was something I've been looking for.
So, I hope I'll have time soon come back and familiarize myself with this beautiful place.

Oh, and if it helps as a presentation, my connection to cartography comes mainly from sailing and pen & paper roleplaying. (and other gaming for that matter)