Hey all. I'm new to digital cartography. Rather than a long rant about needing to make maps for my steampunk game, allow me to throw my questions out there.

1. I own PS CS3 and have a beginners grasp on photoshop. I see some folks build maps off of PS alone. Is it possible to do that with cities as well?
2. Money isn't a factor in picking up CC3, along with DD3 and CD3. But are they easy to use, or at least have easy to follow tutorials? Can I do everything in CS3 with Map Symbol and Stamp Packs?
3. If I wanted to make maps that were of the same graphic quality as Skeleton Key Games Maps/Tiles what programs would I need/want to grab? This one is the most important to me to find an answer to.

Thanks in advance for any assistance the guild can offer.