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    Wip Underground Wizard's Smithy

    Sooo... First map posted!

    This was something I started quite a few months ago, trying to use a new style (PS layers w/ effects). It could use some more finishing (furniture, etc), but I'm interested to hear what people think about how it turned out, and how I could improve other projects in the future.

    I will post one of the current maps that I'm working on next (A townhouse w/ small courtyard) in the hope that I can continue to update the thread as I complete the map... My other current map (an island rich world map) will go up when it is fleshed out a little more.

    The attached map started out as a musing on earth wizards and the creation of magic items. The wizard in question discovered a magical spring, and forming his own reclusive domicile hidden in the mountainside, tapped it with a well, in order to use its properties to quench his magical creations....

    Someone might be called to investigate the sudden drying up of the spring, or stumble across one of the wizard's lackeys, or be summoned by the wizard to perform a task for him, or....

    It was just a test, anyways!
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