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    Help Starting to map


    I have only been a member for a day now, and have attempted two tutorials today. I am having some problem with two in particular.

    I've tried a few tutorials and they haven't been too successful. But I guess it's because I'm new to mapping. I've had around 2 years experience with photoshop (on and off) so I know how to use most of the tools, ect.

    The step I'm stuck on is step 5 - 9 on and 4 - 7 on

    I fill it with clouds like normal. Then it says to duplicate the layer, that's fine. Then it says create a new layer. That's fine, edit -> fill 50% gray, set the layer's mode to hard mix. I do all of that, and I don't get the same outcome the tutorial gets.

    Please could somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Give me a full screen shot so I can see your layers and the image so that I can make a guess at what's wrong.
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    I was just re-creating the steps and taking screen prints as I go. And I found out, I was doing step 8 wrong! Instead of doing: New Layer - > Edit -> Fill -> 50% gray. I was doing: New Layer - > Edit -> Fill -> Gray, and then changing the opacity to 50%. I've done it now though, thanks for your reply, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of figured it out Thanks again.

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