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    Wip Kid napped By a ship!!

    Ok so the idea here is mostly a rip and tweak off of the stargate universe serries.

    A ship made a billion or so years ago is traveling through space the inhabitants are gone (long dead; evacuated; or just never there)

    Ship Has advanced AI features ( can plan based on data collected from interior and exterior sensors; can extrapolate information with minimum input [I.E. we're hungry.... hungry= needs food = animal and vegitable matter compatible to morphology to be digested and turned into food = planet scan brings of multi choices at multie distance = compare safety time and amount = ship stopping at planet x that has food on it.]).

    Ship needs crew to affect repairs and facilitate mission (original mission to be discovered later).

    the ship chooses teenagers from ages 15 to 17 for the following.
    1. adaptability of mind
    2. Life span left
    3. physical maturity to preform delicate and complex tasks
    4. adaptability of emotional states

    Teenagers are not aware they are on a ship initialy.

    How it all works into this sight....
    1. Ship Map
    2. Modular tiles
    3. continuos map project
    4. more shutle/landing craft maps
    5. alien enviroments map
    6. much much more

    THis is the pre post I should have a bit more later...
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