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Thread: Thank You!

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    Default Thank You!

    I just wanted to give a big thanks to Arcana for starting this forum, thanks to all the awesomely talented folks who've written tutorials here, and thanks for the sheer coolness of this site and its content. The Guild has rekindled my love of map-making, which was kind of on an ebb before I was invited here, and it's taught me new methods that would've taken me forever to discover on my own.

    So thanks, and thus ends the superfluous post.

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    Hardly superfluous...very nice. I think most of us would second your thanks.

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    yep - I second or third that ... been a long time since I've spent so much time mapping, great to be doing it again instead of a quick sketch before game-sessions
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    I felt the sentiments expressed in this post needed a bump. Well said D.
    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go..

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    Good post Diamond!

    I was out of town for 5 days and when I got home I came down with a vicious Cold or Flu or whatever. I'm only today able to get up and around again. I don't feel like drawing much atm though so I'm off to bed again (head feels like crap). I sure miss this place when I'm not able to be here.

    Speaking of Arcana, has married life swallowed him whole or is he just real quiet lately? I hope life is good for you man and if not, well, I hope it gets better.
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    I love this forum for the inspiration and help. Unfortunately college life has kept me away from digital cartography. However, I am working on a hand-drawn map, which is lying on a table downstairs with corners taped, begging to have its mountains completed. It won't be the most awesome map ever, but its going to be far better than the last hand-drawn map I created.

    Because I look at tons of tutorials for resources and ideas (almost ALL of them that aren't just for battle maps), I usually don't leave comments. So I'd just like to thank all of the generous people who take the time to create tutorials and share them with us.
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