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    Greetings Everyone:

    I'm looking for a skilled cartographer to create a terrain/game map for a PBeM game that I'm working on. I'd do it myself but I haven't touched the tools since CC2 and I'm looking to go the quality over economy route on this endeavour. Payment terms can be determined once the map maker has been determined based on style and rate. I'm much more concerned about style rather than rate.

    - Time Constraints: I've put this game on hold so many times it's not funny so it wouldn't be realistic to put a tight time frame on this map. I'd be willing to accept a couple/few months for the process to be completed.

    - Style: I'm looking for something similiar, but not constrained, to these examples.

    These are only examples of what I'm looking for. All quality styles will be considered.

    - Description of Map: The map will start out as a basic terrain map including deep/medium/shallow sea zones and forest/hill/mountain/swamp/desert/tundra/plains/river land territories. Once the basic terrain map is created I will roughly sketch political boundaries and place names on the map and the creator will complete the project. The distribution will be roughly 1/4 sea and 3/4 land.

    - Quality & Size: My main focus is quality on this project so I'm looking for something top notch. This map will be roughly 1200 x 900 pixels but I will be looking for larger maps in the future. The main use of the map will be a stand alone GUI.

    - Copyright: Mine. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. Seriously though - I'll only consider paying for something that becomes 100% mine. I don't mind giving complete artistic credit to the creator, but there is the possibility that revenue may be generated from the use of the map so I'll need 100% ownership of it. I hope that's clear.

    Any and all interested map geniuses can contact me directly at cajs - - at - - with examples of their work. Thanks to everyone for their time and consideration.

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    I'd be interested in this (and your third example is one of mine, heh).

    Email sending..

    My finished maps
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    This commission has been taken. Thanks for all the interest.

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