Apologies for the bizarre title of this thread! It is transliterated English to Japanese, "Protection from Evil".

I found a link on the Paizo boards to some guy's blog. He is an American (?) on a work or student exchange in Japan. And got invited to play some RPGs at a Japanese Gaming Club. Apparently the Japanese are playing an unofficial translated/transliterated version of Pathfinder RPG.

While I am half Japanese, and have a great regard for the Japanese people, I found this blog thread to be exceptionally funny and enjoyable read. Apparently many of the rules, feats and spells haven't been directly translated to Japanese, so they have instead transliterated (converted) English to Japanese hiragana - like huwaito duragon (white dragon).

I thought it was really cool how western RPGs are spreading abroad and how the Japanese are using the system - here's the link to the blog: http://faustusnotes.wordpress.com/20...r-in-japanese/

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did!