Greetings from the frost bitten woodlands of interior British Columbia, Canada!

I've been wanting to get involved in this site since the moment I came across it many months ago.. just had to complete my new Portfolio site and ditch the old commercial design career. I've been doing a ton of freelance RPG and commercial illustration for the past few years, but have finally made the leap to going full time as a freelance fantasy and SF artist.
Producing fantasy maps has been one of my biggest joys in this line of work, and something I've done since I was a little kid, and then plenty of as a game master for nearly 20 years. While I work both digitally and traditionally, depending on the job, I tend to do all my maps by hand, even the 3d sculpted ones.

I am very excited to finally post here and be part of something that I am so interested in. To see so many others into speculative cartography is fantastic; the talent pool here is something that others (art directors) need to be made aware of.

best regards,
Will / Mutant Lord

Oh, yeah, here is a link to my maps page on my new site...