Looking for map collaborators; underground and outdoors

I seek the skills of a good “old school” map-maker; i.e., graph paper based, conventional style mapping as done in the earliest modules, the G Series. Look at this as a chance to audition your map-drawing skills; when we (Frank Mentzer, Harold Johnson, Jim Ward and others besides me) get our new endeavor up and running, all of us doing the creating of the new material will be using our own favorite artists and mapmakers when it counts; i.e., when we can pay $$$.

This will involve creating the floor plan and under-levels of a very old, sprawling temple complex now in a desert. You will have complete artistic freedom to create this; I much prefer looking at a blank map and creating what is on it to trying to think them up cold. I’m also a lot better at doing it that way.

I am also looking for someone that likes to draw outdoor maps; will be through a desert with three or four possible outdoor encounters.

These will be used for the new adventure that I am writing for NorTexCon in June, so time is winding down on me. All I can offer is full credit in the adventure and a Contributor’s Copy of the very limited edition. (These Lim. Ed. go for surprising prices at various auctions.)

When I find a couple of old-style mappers whose style I like, I will be able to call upon them when our new company starts rolling out products. Our business plan involves each of us creative types packaging our stuff how we think it should be done. That will all be subject to change if we guess badly.

First Rights to the maps would go to Celtic Studios (my company) for original publication (non-commercial). Subsequent usage will be negotiated at the time of proposal to publish. All of my custom adventures for Cons (This will be the fifth) will be re-written and modified for commercial release so as to preserve the "custom" nature of the originals.