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For my own purposes, and this really is for everyone, since I have been getting more and more into Virtual Table Top software of late, I would like to see more maps that are "agnostic" to the game system. What I mean by that is no grid. Grids just get in the way of using a VTT because VTTs have their own grid overlays usually. Also, if text could be removed that would be a great addition as well.

Basically two versions of the map are needed for VTTs. One complete (text and grid) and one clean (no text or grid). The complete one is for GM reference and the clean one is to play on.

Finally, all maps should be created at a scale of 200 pixels equals 5 feet. That will make it usable across almost every VTT with the understanding that some VTTs will need to rescale, but it is easier and cleaner to scale down rather than up.

That said, I would love to eventually play on this map. *hint* *hint*

Can't wait to see what the others produce.
RP, although I've been creating hand-drawn and digital maps for many years, I've never included a grid, until this year, because I wanted my maps to be more universal in use. With your mention of VTT, I see a huge opportunity to my maps to a different and perhaps larger audience.

Its true my business is printing maps, but map creation and distribution is also at the heart of what I do and finding a way to target the VTT audience is one of my goals.

The maps produced here were not saved to any specific pixel resolution to be used specifically for gaming with - I only made them large enough to show detail for anyone who might download a closer view.

That said, I have no problem providing through this thread the final versions of each map at 200 dpi with and without gridlines. (Of course if the outside map is too large, megabyte-wise for this site, I may have to break it up into multiple maps.)