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Thread: Mapping Project : ADS Selena Galaxy (NGC 1365)

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    Wip Mapping Project : ADS Selena Galaxy (NGC 1365)

    A few of you may know that I have created a galaxy map of my gameworld on a large sheet of newsprint.

    I have recently acquired a few applications for me to digitize this map. Luckily these applications will also allow me to complete several projects at once so I've been spending some time to work on the project.

    I'm not going to actually map out the whole galaxy, just the string that contains the main systems. Its being mapped out in AstroSynthesis which is allowing me to skip the complex calculations I'd otherwise have to do myself (which was a killer with this project from the start, years ago). The planet terrains are being generated via Fractal World Explorer (included with AS), but the main planets are being generated using Fractal Terrains in which are being saved as CC2 maps to be fleshed out for player use.

    These apps allow me almost full control over the outcomes and the sheer amount of data I wanted to have where I can spend time on creating, not fighting with math.

    Anyway. On to the core of the project...

    Here is a simple view from AstroSynthesis... I'll periodically update this picture.

    Red = Hostile
    Orange = Neutral
    Green = Friendly

    Width of lines determine traffic quanitity. Rarely travelled routes, are dashed

    A resulting page from Astrosynthesis "report" feautre... Which is handy and spares me from having to do it myself all the time...

    I'm also planning on doing a lot of 3d work with the results as well...
    Planet Quizorthia - WIP:

    I'm still doing quite a bit of work-rework on a lot of the resulting data since some of the results havent been what I'd expected. None of the data in the resulting reports and stuff is not final...

    Here is a significantly older version of the Selena-Cygni system I setup in CC2, but my current project goes well beyond the scope of this tiny map...

    Despite it being my game universe, I still like keeping a resemblence to reality and within the specifications of being "real". So... As a result I'm open to suggestions, comments, critisizms, whatever. Yes, I know there are no moons placed yet.
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