Greetings all. I hope I'm not posting this wrong, but I just finished a set of geomorphs for a post apocalyptic fallout style game I'm going to be running. I was inspired by Dyson Logos' dungeon geomorphs and thought something similar would be really useful for my game, so I drew 50 4" square ruined street tiles with buildings and set up some tables for building randomly generated neighborhoods along with some charts for what sort of buildings you might find and their general condition. I plan on using them along with a map of LA I drew in the style of the City of Lankhmar map with it's large blank spots that could be filled in by the DM as needed.

I drew these by hand and tried to make them each individually interesting. The streets don't match up perfectly but I'm pretty happy with the results overall. I've created a pdf with all the geomorphs and tables in it, but if you would like to use them you can also grab them from the parent directory.

Here's an example that I rolled up at random:

Then all the tiles together:

Lastly, this is the map of LA I drew up. You can get the full size print version at the link.

I hope someone else out there might find it to be of use.