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Thread: Chronicles of Caeruin

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    Default Chronicles of Caeruin

    Hi there,

    Caeruin is an imaginary world in which I craft for about ten years. The first maps were handdrawn. 2004 I created my first map with Photoshop, which you can see here. It was my first experience with photoshop, as you can see certainly. Since then I have used various techniques to make the map more and more detailed. The last version was created in 2009. And I have started a lot more maps that are not yet finished (and maybe never will be).

    See more maps here: Chronicles of Caeruin - Page 2

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    Wow. You were right; you have improved your style over the years. Very well done. That is one long strait, but by no means unrealistic.

    again, that is some seriously sweet cartography.

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    impressive amount of growth, your last one is top-notch!

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    That fourth one is very nice but that third one kicks...lots of detail there.
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    The fourth map especially is breathtaking, although the 2nd and 3rd ones are also very nice. Repped with gusto

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    Truly love that 4th map. That's a fantastic series of progressions - congratulations! Welcome to the guild.

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    Alright, this definitely means forking out the rep... *grabs sack of rep* *grabs pitchfork* *starts forking out rep*.

    Excellent maps, as most people, I especially like the fourth one, though I don't really understand why there's diagonally crossing meridians. Is that to enhance the feeling that all corners of the map are meeting?
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    I agree with Ascension, that third map is wonderful!

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