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Thread: CSV Donau

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    Wip CSV Donau

    Hey guys,

    After getting some good feedback on my last deckplan, I figured I might as well post some of the parts I've got done on my newest, insanely overambitious project here for feedback as well.

    The first two decks are posted here. The third one is too big for the upload; until I can get a smaller one made up, you'll have to go offsite.
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    Awesome. Reminds me of an old Traveller RPG book. Shipbuilder's Guide or something like that. Also a little like the diagrams in WEG's book about the Death Star. Nice work.

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    I like it. The design is well thought through, even the heads for the crew are there. And I absulutely dig the idea with the moduls.

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    That's pretty cool.

    One question: on the large deck plan (the one you've got linked to DA), there's what looks like a small hallway behind the isolation chambers, but it looks as though there's no access to it apart from through the chambers themselves. Just wondering what the purpose of that was.

    Oh, and repped!

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    There's a short hallway along the inside of the module which allows access back there. It's not the best setup, I admit, but it's the most efficient space-wise.

    And thanks for the rep!

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    Here's the fourth deck. Of seven. Plus the five-view. WHEE...
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    Given you a good clubbing with my rep stick - very nice deck plans going on there.

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    Yeah, that's pretty nifty alright!

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    Thanks a bunch guys.

    Here's a modified deck 4. I was able to finagle some parts of deck 5, and the officer's lounge now has a dumb waiter.

    ...And I forgot to put in the windows. XD
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    Dude! This is cool stuff.
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