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Thread: Remove own uploads from server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcana View Post
    Sorry about the delay, I'm trying to figure out your problem looks like in your next to last screenshot there some of the attachments are not attached to posts, and therefore there's no that correct? Can you try attaching one of the detached uploads to this thread in a post and see if it makes it selectable again?
    The attachments are still attached to posts (January 2013 Challenge: The Medusa) but have no checkboxes.
    Attachment 52421.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcana View Post
    If you go to reply to this thread and click the Go Advanced button, then click manage attachments, do the attachments you wish to remove still appear in the asset manager?
    Yes. It's all there. It's only new uploaded attachments that have checkboxes and can be selected.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcana View Post
    If they do, there should be a question mark that appears in the top right of the thumbnail of each one when you hover over it that says asset usage...see if the asset usage lists anything and let me know.
    The asset usage just lists the forum posts for the attachments, old and new, there's no difference between them.

    What happened was, at FIRST the attachments I wanted to delete HAD checkboxes which I ticked and deleted but after it was done, the attachments were still there but without the checkboxes.

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    At your request, we have deleted all your attachments from the forum.

    Sorry you had difficulties doing this yourself.

    -Rob A>

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