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Thread: What can you do to help?

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    Ah, good idea, Coyotemax. I was unsatisfied with both sets, really, but not sure what to do to fix them, yet. The first set was done mostly using just adjustment layers on the original, while the second is more of a re-building by hand. I'll play around and see what else I get with them.

    And I really like yours, Jax. The weather vane is a really cool idea, and I like that you incorporated parts of the Guild Rose.

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    I think your's stand out more as far as drawing the eye - Something I was concerned with regarding the weathervane. I almost ditched it after finished it, but then figured it didn't need to stand out much because you probably won't click it a lot.

    I'm just happy to be trying to contribute since I have the time. If something gets used fantastic, if not, that's ok too.
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