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Thread: Suggestions on a Font Manager

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    Here is the screenshot page showing some of these features:

    -Rob A>

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    Unfortunately, it seems like Linotype has suspended their downloads of Font Explorer X for Windows because they've finished beta testing it... They will release the next version at some unspecified date (still free) - which is already available for Mac OS X.

    (What I don't understand is why they don't continue to allow the beta version to be downloaded - assuming they have a quality product, they would only win more people over to their program in the end)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    I think I will use The Font Things because of a few things that it can do that I cant get AMP to do:
    • Preview multiple fonts that are NOT installed.
    Just noticed this one...I did switch to The Font Thing btw...Amp will preview multiple fonts that aren't installed. Just dump them all into one folder and browse to that folder on the Not installed fonts tab. Then click the View folder/install fonts button at the bottom. For quick work, I still use AMP Font Viewer but when I'm hunting that just right font and sifting through all 3723 fonts I've gathered over the years (yes, I hoard fonts) I definitely use The Font Thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naryt View Post
    ...I did switch to The Font Thing btw....
    I ended up making that switch myself after trying both it and AMP. Both are great programs, but in the end The Font Thing worked more in time with my style of working.
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