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Thread: CC3 Documentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by punga View Post
    There are two things that so far aren't clear to me which haven't been mentioned:

    1) The scale of the map, specifically the dimensions entered when a new map is created. I get the feeling that they are in some "real life" measurement, such as miles, or feet, but it doesn't appear in the software, the help file, or the manual (though I might've missed the manual. Apologies if so).

    2) Going back and doing changes. For example, changing the map's background color. I eventually figured out how to do it, but selecting the background layer wasn't trivial (I ended up typing 'background' on the command prompt).
    1. When you create an OUTDOOR map using the NEW MAP you are asked for the dimensions in MILES (X Miles Horizontal, Y Miles Vertical). When you select dungeon or City Map, the template asks if you for dimensions in FEET.

    2. What sort of Changes? There are mad types of tools (Usually on the left side menu) for changing color, text, nodes, etc.
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    ok I am too new to suggest anything yet but I will be back in a few weeks

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    I've just started with CC3. I've been watching the videos by Joe Sweeney and pretty much doing what he is doing. They have helped a lot. It really helps to see an example of of something. I followed the step by step on making text along a curve in the manual. Some stuff I am currently trying to wrap my head around are: How should I be using the "default sea" option? I tired two colors, but I am having trouble with the "Bring to Front" and "Send to back buttons". Not working as expected. More details on the effects with examples of how the master use them are very useful. Glow is fantastic! I followed the instructions in the manual to create my own symbol set from PNG files, but now I want some hints on how to search for symbols, add custom buttons (that bring up my catalogs). I am also wondering if I can make a river line get wider as it gets closer to the mouth, and make it blend better with the bay. I am also a bit confused on how they organized symbols. I was building a battle map and had to hunt around for the trees. I kept saying to myself they gotta have trees... What about a dead tree.....hmmmm no luck so far. I have also seen some kick ass maps that blend a pavement with grass/dirt and want to create the same effect, but have no idea how. It looks like a ruin with grass starting to take over. When I built my 1st dungeon battlemap (an outdoor setting), when I placed the trees they stick out over the edge of the map. Want to know how to control things so things that are half on get trimmed properly. Hope this helps!

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    I agree with this.

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    I've used CC on and off for a loong time. Heck my earliest Profantasy stuff doesn't even appear on the online account.

    That said, there is more time "off" than "on".

    I see beautiful maps created in a multitude of styles, but for me I think it is just "too hard". Wimpy I know.

    What I would find useful (apart from some easy to follow tutorials that show how to makes maps in different styles) is the ability to take a map I already have, and then scale up. So it is one little bit of a larger map.

    I know you have "large scale -> small scale" question in the first post, but for me, sometimes I know what a region looks like, but then I need to grow larger.

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    1st. Is this initiative still alive?
    2nd. For me exporting from FT to specific styles is an issue. I can do it, but it seems clunky. Right now, I export, then copy and paste to the style I want. Just wondering if there are better/faster ways of doing that.
    3rd. An explanation of Effect interactions/stacking would be nice.

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    I have CC3 and am having trouble with the coast line feature. When I use it, it seems to color over my land mass.

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