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Thread: FTPro - Custom Rainfall/Temperature scales

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    I couldn't agree more with what's been said. I don't have much rep to throw around, but I'll throw what I have in Joe's direction. He's helped me more times than I can remember over the last two years.

    When nothing is going right and you can't find someone else to blame, start beating your head against the wall, 'cause it'll feel so much better when you stop.

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    Yup. I'm with Greason Wolf and everyone else on this one Joe. I repped you a while back in your Wilbur tutorial threads, but I'm afraid that my rep is pretty piddly. So I guess I'll just add my voice to the chorus of gratitude for all that you do for this community.


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    I appreciate all the support, but this is primarily an art community and my art output has been fairly paltry. Rep here is approximately proportional to participation, both in terms of number of postings and art items posted.

    I see that I now have a shiny new badge and it'll be displayed there proudly with the rest.

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    My name is Master TMO, and I heartily approve of this thread hijack.
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