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make the map bases downloadable before the games start and trust your players not to look at them before hand. If you cant trust them then just encrypt the files with something dead simple like bcrypt and hand out the passwords at play time and decrypt some of the bigger files "just in time".
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And if you notice them making a beeline for the treasure room just fry them hardcore and say "Well, the gods thought you were cheating and that just can't be tolerated."

Which is why I tend to prefer tiles for any VTT rather than big ole JPEG's. Not only will they (at least with MapTool) use up less memory if done well, they won't give anything away since you might see the walls and floor 'parts', but you still don't know how they fit together. Kind of like a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle with no reference image(oh.. and all the sides are square, so you can't even start the outline with any sense of sureness....)

hmm.. did I say how much I like tiles???