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Thread: Anyone use Tablet to work with Photoshop?

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    Ah Ramiro I think I get what you were after. You're thinking of a tablet as like an Ipad or similiar, its not that. Its basically just a mouse in pencil (called a stylus) form with a digital tablet. This helps folks who are artistically inclined to better reproduce the traditional pen / pencil on paper drawing technique. You can use it instead of a mouse or in conjunction with a mouse. I use the wacom stylus for the tablet in my left hand and the mouse gets used by my right, on and off when its easier to use. I think you will find a digital drawing tablet useful for any artistic work, really not at all necessary for office type applications. Even the Cintiq is not a computer, just a monitor / pressure sensitive input face so you get what you see as the smaller tablets require some hand / eye coordination learning curve, not much but something you will need to address. This help to make it clearer? V

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    Got it! Thanks!
    very interesting!
    Appreciate the answer, i hope soon enough i will post some maps made by wacom or similar lol

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    And in answer to your other question, I use Wacom tablets frequently in my profession as a digital artist. I'm so comfortable with mine now that I actually prefer it to a mouse for most tasks, even office work.

    And to go back to an even earlier question: I found that the best way to accustom myself to using the tablet was to play a few hours of Neverwinter Nights with it. Not all games work with a tablet, of course, but that one works fairly well.
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