Greetings cartographers.

I am still on my quest of Learning mapping software that would do what I want to do.
One of my problems since I started 3 weeks ago has been how to create real fractal coastlines approximately following a prescribed handdrawn shape.
To my surprise this function doesn't exist in any of the software I installed and tested.

Then yesterday by sheer luck I found AUTOrealm. It is free, relatively old (only 32 bits) and impossible to find if you don't know what you are looking for.
But most importantly it has a whole lot of Tools creating real fractals.
Halleluyah, so I thought that this part of the quest eached its goal.
Autorealm is really easy to learn, has an intuitive UI and many useful functions. It looks like CC but free.

It took an hour and I got all my continents and isles mapped with nice fractal coastline on a black/white contour map..
Next I just wanted to make the easiest step - export the result to Wilbur and FT3 and start to work on it.
And of course as everything went too smoothly up to there, it was at this step that s... hit the fan ....

1) There is nowhere an information about the resolution I was working in.
2) There is nowhere an information about the size of the map I just did (in pixels)
3) There is no information about a possible maximum resolution for exports/copies and only bmp and JPG formats are apparently possible.
4) There is no information about what is the size of what is copied compared to what the screen actually shows.
5) Even if this is the most basic design need, there is not a word about size and resolution in the help files.
6) One has a choice of resolutions to select when making a copy but as I can't answer 1) and 2) I have no idea what resolution to select. The preview (?) in the "copy as" window shows that all choices distort more or less severely the map I did.
7) I actually realised that I didn't know how to realize a 2x1 map (equirectangular projection) with a given resolution what is a shame.

This is so frustrating that after all the time invested I can't do the trivial task of selecting the output resolution without distorting the map ...

Has anybody with AUTOrealm experience an idea about the problems 1) to 6) ?

Before bothering people I spent 1.5 hours watching the few tutorials on you tube but they all "explain" trivial things and NONE explains the format/resolution/copy problem .