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Thread: VTT for Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfrazierjr View Post
    First thing to do is to go check out the video tutorials, there have been some incredible changes since they were made, mostly around how the macro language functions. Once the 1.3 release is finalized, the tutorial author will work on doing some more video tuts.

    Also, if you could stay up on a Friday/Sat night, I would be happy to give you a run down of how to do the most common things and can even do voice over Ventrillo if you wanted. Of course, we would have to work out a schedule if you wanted to do that....
    Thats a very kind offer JF Let me play around with it a bit and if I dont get it working I'll stay up
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    I see that you have already been taken care of. Sorry for the late response.

    I will direct Trevor to this thread so that he is aware of it.
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    Sagenlicht, I'm another proponent for and user of maptool. I know that trevor would be very interested in know which parts of the learning curve were difficult and which elements need to be made clearer. The next iteration will be on the user interface so that's really useful.

    If you get stuck, you can always post here and one of us will help out, or post to the rptools forum - they are also a friendly bunch.
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