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Thread: How big is really really big - ViewingDale universe

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    For the original interest in this stuff, check out the twin paradox. Also, Iain M Banks does this very well in the Algebraist with soldiers being a separate class that age differently due to the amount of time they spend close to light speed.
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    I am reading Banks books now too. I have two more before I get Algebraist tho.

    Just wanted to say that V1.07 of the app has been released, details of up-reving / patching can be found on the main site. I thought id mail that news here instead of the news section like I usually do cos it would knock off the FUMcon event which I still hope to get online for, if i can find two seconds to rub together in my unusually busy time right now. The Easter w/e should help out a bit there I hope. So you can play with AU's and lightseconds whilst reading war and peace...

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    Hey, RR, I'll sticky the FUMcon announcement so that you can announce your new version on the News forum whenever you get a chance. This is the perfect time to announce too.
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